FAN: Dave — Starlight. It’s hard to hate on the truth I’m livin

It’s hard to hate on the truth I’m livin’
Enough man hate with the lies instead
Countin’ cash with the phone to my ear
I feel like Meek on the private jet
Life or death, five-five, eyes, thighs, potential wifey
Industry, respected highly, in the street, protected

I do know my man, but I don’t trust him
Trust that, Ps in the trap digustin’
Stick with the stick, PVA, PDA, kiss that in public
South London where I made my
South London’s where I made my first hundred
Elastic bands, plastic bags, two in the blue likе cheese and onion
In Jamaica, quick vacation, travellin’ my past time
‘Nough pollution in thе ends, I flew back yard ‘cah I wanna see starlight
Eritrean, skin tone cinnamon, I think I found my princess
My empress, still gonna impress
I know them man talk on the kid, but