FAN: KA$HDAMI — posed2be

I gave her dick and now she confessing her soul to me
Most times I hit and then I dip, that’s how it’s supposed to be
And my plug who ship that pack, he came from overseas
I could get a nigga bagged just like some groceries
They say Dami ain’t on shit but then dick ride all the bitch niggas
I was thirteen toting sticks, nigga, fourteen, whooping bitch niggas
Fifteen, I was jugging and I used to steal the whip, nigga
I-I-I turn

Now when I walk into the function, they know that I’m that nigga
I was just a youngin, I was thugging, tryna pull that trigger
I was just up on that block, blooding with my fucking niggas (Suwoop)
Your bitch was just on my cock and now she ’bout to suck my niggas
I keep this stick because I cannot go
My niggas putting in work and no, I ain’t talking trabajo
Us never them, nigga yes, that’s the motto
When I switch the flow up, I do not need no auto
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